Cornell Political Union Debates “Resolved: Stop discriminating on the basis of race.”

Project Details

Party(ies) Involved

William A. Jacobson, Cornell Political Union


Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Time Frame

October 25, 2022

Project Overview

On October 25, 2022, the non-partisan Cornell Political Union (CPU) debated this issue: “Resolved: Stop discriminating on the basis of race.” The debate was entitled “A conversation on Affirmative Action” in promotional material distributed on social media.

The format began with a presenter having 30 minutes to argue for the resolution. CPU student members then had the opportunity to question the presenter. After that, CPU members debated among themselves, and then voted on the resolution.

Our Involvement

LIF founder and president William A. Jacobson argued in favor of the resolution. The final vote was 22 For, 13 Abstain, 7 Against. That is, an absolute majority voted against race-based discrimination.

Case Documents

The debate was videotaped. See link below.

Media Coverage

William A. Jacobson, Affirmative Action: My Argument Against Racial Preferences Prevails at Cornell Political Union Debate, LEGAL INSURRECTION (October 30, 2022). Video of the debate is embedded within the article.

William A. Jacobson, Affirmative Action On The Docket At Cornell Debate As I Argue Against Racial Preferences (October 25), LEGAL INSURRECTION (October 18, 2022).