Critical Race Theory: The Danger It Poses to Education, Culture, and the American Republic Generally

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Critical Race Theory (CRT) has had an enormous and destructive impact in the United States and around the world. CRT ideology forces people to obsess over race, and to identify themselves and others by race; and pressures government and private parties to apportion jobs, student admissions, government benefits, and essentially everything by caste rather than by merit or other criteria. A religion in all but name, CRT preaches a caste system in which a person’s virtue and entitlement are determined by race. There is no redemption or salvation available for those in disfavored castes (read, anyone identified as “white”). The best they can hope for is to abase themselves, continually confessing their sinful unworthiness and canceling themselves in favor of members of more favored castes, based on ethnicity and skin color – the darker, the better. What started on college campuses has moved to primary and secondary education, and into the broader culture. Government agencies and private corporations now are some of the worst offenders of the obsessive focus on race. Legal Insurrection has expended the better part of its energies exposing and confronting this harmful ideology.

Our Involvement

Legal Insurrection Foundation has worked hard to spread word of the danger CRT poses. For over ten years, CRT has been a central focus of Legal Insurrection. In February, 2021, LIF launched as a resource empowering parents, students, and others concerned about how Critical Race Theory and implementation of Critical Race Training impact education. Originally focused on higher education, the website catalogues contains information on close to 400 colleges and universities in the United States. More recently, it has expanded into K-12 education, focusing on private education in particular.

Case Documents website February 2021-Present

Joint Statement by Legal Insurrection Foundation, et al., Don’t Divide Us! Joint Statement Against Critical Race Theory Using Race to Divide Americans June 2021

Brandy Shufutinsky, Ed.D., Who Teaches the Teachers? University of California Schools of Education Indoctrinate Future Educators in Critical Race Theory and Related Ideologies, Legal Insurrection Foundation January 9, 2023

Media Coverage

LIF has devoted a great deal of coverage to CRT. A partial listing of articles may be found here. Some of the highlights are listed below.

Mike LaChance, Presidents of Over Two Dozen Florida Community Colleges Come Out Against Critical Race Theory, LEGAL INSURRECTION (January 20, 2023).

Johanna Markind, Study: U Cal Education Schools Indoctrinate Future Teachers in Critical Race Theory Exploiting ‘Ethnic Studies,’ LEGAL INSURRECTION (January 9, 2023).

Brian Flood, California public schools ‘saturated’ with teachers who learned critical race theory when training: report, Fox News (January 9, 2023).

Johanna Markind, Case Study On How Teachers Learn Critical Race Theory and Teach It To Their Students: Tredyffrin-Easttown in Suburban Philadelphia, LEGAL INSURRECTION (September 20, 2023).

Kemberlee Kaye, Joint Statement Against Critical Race Training – Legal Insurrection Foundation Joins Coalition of 24 Other Organizations, LEGAL INSURRECTION (June 26, 2021).

William A. Jacobson, VIDEO: Rescuing History and Education From The 1619 Project, LEGAL INSURRECTION (March 31, 2021). An abbreviated video from the March 21 program is embedded within the article. The full program may be accessed here.

William A. Jacobson, VIDEO – How Critical Race Training is Harming K-12, LEGAL INSURRECTION (March 11, 2021). An abbreviated video from the March 3 program is embedded within the article. The full program may be accessed here.

William A. Jacobson, Legal Insurrection launches ‘Critical Race Training In Higher Education’ website, LEGAL INSURRECTION (February 2, 2021).

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